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Jurnale medicale Latest BMJ blogs

6 Februarie 2015 11:08
I visited an old friend recently and we realised that we’d spent two hours of the evening watching a television channel devoted to cookery programmes, while eating. Food is everywhere as two news stories in The BMJ show us. MPs on the parliamentary health committee were told, “People...
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Latest BMJ blogs
6 Februarie 2015 13:40
How confident are you that the risk management processes in your organisation enable you to predict and manage all the risks your patients are likely to face? If you have doubts, you??re probably not alone, as the findings from our Safer Clinical Systems programme suggest. Looking back at my time o mai mult
Latest BMJ blogs
6 Februarie 2015 14:56
Recently an article was published in Science claiming that it is easy to re-identify credit card transaction data that has been anonymized. While this is not health data, the authors generalize their conclusions to all other human behavior data. Credit card transactions can, however, leak health...
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5 Februarie 2015 10:42
From 1 January 2015, China stopped using organs from executed prisoners for transplants. This was announced by Jiefu Huang, China??s former vice minister of health and current head of the Organ Donation Committee. This comes after a series of legislative frameworks for organ donation and...
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5 Februarie 2015 14:54
On 30 January 2015 the Lancet published a re-analysis of oseltamivir effects in symptomatic influenza like illness ??Oseltamivir treatment for influenza in adults: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials.? This was authored by Joanna Dobson, Richard J Whitley, Stuart Pocock, and Arnold mai mult
Latest BMJ blogs
5 Februarie 2015 15:19
If you remain uncertain about the benefits or otherwise of oseltamivir (Tamiflu), you may not be much helped by consulting and comparing the pronouncements and statements issued by the two leading healthcare authorities in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and. mai mult
Latest BMJ blogs
4 Februarie 2015 10:03
Unsettlingly recent media coverage seems to be full of articles and images of torture which raises the questions for our profession of “What is the role of doctors when faced with victims of torture?” and “Where should their loyalties lie?” Torture as described in a recent...
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Latest BMJ blogs
4 Februarie 2015 11:44
It??s pretty well understood that people from disadvantaged communities have more important things to worry about than their health. However, one general practitioner (primary care physician) in the southwest of England believes that if you start from what people actually want, you can eventually.. mai mult
Latest BMJ blogs
4 Februarie 2015 14:17
A vote was held yesterday in the House of Commons to decide whether to allow mitochondrial donation to be used in clinical practice. The vote marked the culmination of a decade of research and consultation into the science and ethics of so called “three person IVF”??a modified IVF...
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Latest BMJ blogs
4 Februarie 2015 19:41
I looked down at my left leg. It had been aching for a day or two. Thanks to the laser eye surgery that I had had the previous month, I could see that the left calf was definitely more swollen than the right. I sat back in my chair and reminisced. Back when I was […]
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Latest BMJ blogs
2 Februarie 2015 10:07
Some polls suggest that the NHS is the number one issue for voters in Britain??s coming general election. That??s one reason that the Labour Party has put it at the centre of its campaign, the other being ??when in doubt retreat to where you are comfortable.? But would a healthy society put the mai mult
Latest BMJ blogs
2 Februarie 2015 11:44
Suddenly last week, the Church of England and the Catholic Church weighed into the debate about mitochondrial replacement??the use of the mitochondria from a healthy woman to replace the faulty mitochondria in the egg of a woman wishing to have a baby. The Churches?? message was dramatic: by votin mai mult
Latest BMJ blogs
2 Februarie 2015 12:36
NEJM 29 January 2015 Vol 372 407 A Canadian trial tells us a bit more about how to treat raised blood pressure in pregnancy. If women already have elevated BP or acquire it before 34 weeks of gestation without proteinuria, treating to a target diastolic of 100 mm Hg produces the same result as...
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Latest BMJ blogs
2 Februarie 2015 15:11
The disturbing case of a Saudi blogger sentenced to flogging should serve as a reminder that health professionals should never participate in torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment. Raif Badawi, 31, was sentenced last year to 1000 lashes and 10 years in prison for insulting Islam after... mai mult
Latest BMJ blogs
2 Februarie 2015 16:23
It??s early days, but 2015 is already shaping up to be another exciting year for researchers in genomics. In his State of the Union address last month, Barack Obama launched a new $215m Precision Medicine Initiative, which aims to collect genomic sequencing data for one million individuals. In the. mai mult
Latest BMJ blogs
3 Februarie 2015 09:57
Plans to move doctors?? full registration with the General Medical Council from the end of the first year of foundation training to the point of graduation from medical school was first mooted over a year ago in a major review of postgraduate medical education and training. The plan was voted down. mai mult
Latest BMJ blogs
3 Februarie 2015 12:18
Metaphor is useful. When Malcolm Gladwell wrote about an epidemic of Hush Puppies, no one thought that Hush Puppies were transmissible in anything more than the metaphorical sense. But as doctors we need to be more careful before we muddy the meanings of our technical words. An epidemic is a...
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Latest BMJ blogs
3 Februarie 2015 15:55
Where I work in Newham, east London, there are some acute challenges to delivering efficient and effective healthcare. We have a young local population with a high prevalence of diabetes and multiple long term conditions. It is not a wealthy area, and people often find it very difficult to take...
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Latest BMJ blogs
29 Ianuarie 2015 09:58
Last week saw announcements on mental health from both the government and the opposition. With the Liberal Democrats pledging to put mental health on the front page of their election manifesto, and Andy Burnham, Shadow Secretary of State for Health, making mental health a core part of his concept... mai mult
Latest BMJ blogs
29 Ianuarie 2015 10:47
Martin Mckee, a prominent public health academic and a prolific writer for The BMJ, is featured this week in the always entertaining BMJ Confidential. As professor of European public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, his work has had worldwide impact. He is constantly... mai mult
Latest BMJ blogs
30 Ianuarie 2015 11:03
When you fly into Mumbai from the east, there is an extraordinary descent passing over mounds of lush green foothills reminiscent of Hawaii. It??s quite mesmerising. And then even more so is what lays at the foot of these foothills: a vast sprawl of tin roofed shanties, which I later learn is a slu mai mult
Latest BMJ blogs
30 Ianuarie 2015 11:39
As pressure to squeeze costs rises across the whole NHS, the increasing prominence of government funded public health campaigns is coming under greater scrutiny. Chris Mahoney has taken a look at how doctors and the public can know whether public health campaigns work. In a feature on The BMJ this mai mult
Latest BMJ blogs
30 Ianuarie 2015 14:59
There was a time when academic and government researchers performed experiments that were clearly unethical??such as letting syphilis go untreated, or asking people to administer severe electric shocks to each other. Ethics review boards sprang up in an important effort to make sure that research o mai mult
Latest BMJ blogs
30 Ianuarie 2015 16:47
What links blogs to logs (wooden ones)? The Sailor??s Word Book: An Alphabetical Digest of Nautical Terms (1867), compiled by Admiral W[illiam] H[enry] Smyth and revised for publication by Vice Admiral Sir E[dward] Belcher, gives the answer: “LOG-BOARD. Two boards shutting together like a...
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Latest BMJ blogs
28 Ianuarie 2015 11:39
Integrating health and social care is Labour??s main objective for the NHS, Gareth Iacobbuci reports in The BMJ today. Labour has also reiterated its plan to train and hire more doctors, nurses, care workers, and midwives, paid for by ?2.5bn raised through cracking down on tax avoidance, the...
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Latest BMJ blogs
28 Ianuarie 2015 12:00
A recent news article in The BMJ told us that the figures from the UK Foundation Programme Office show that the number of foundation year 2 (FY2) doctors applying straight into a training post has fallen again: “in August 2014 (it) was 59%??down from 64% in 2013, 67% in 2012, and 71% in...
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Latest BMJ blogs
28 Ianuarie 2015 15:35
It was a rare privilege to return to Sierra Leone for a couple of months on a break from my PhD studies, where I joined former colleagues at Concern Worldwide in training health workers, volunteers, support staff, and community members on infection prevention and control at peripheral health units.. mai mult
Latest BMJ blogs
27 Ianuarie 2015 10:21
In a week when the first successful organ donation from a newborn was carried out in the UK, The BMJ seems to also be learning new lessons from the youngest in our society. The latest State Of The Art (SOTA) review by Eugene Chang discusses the increase in preterm birth rates worldwide (11.1% of...
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Latest BMJ blogs
27 Ianuarie 2015 11:53
According to the Canadian psychologist Ami Rokach who has long studied it, ??acute loneliness is a terrorising pain, an agonising and frightening experience that leaves a person vulnerable, shaken, and often wounded.? In our world of anomie and divorce and where medicine has extended life beyond. mai mult
Latest BMJ blogs
27 Ianuarie 2015 13:44
Seven years ago, we outlined our vision of a humanitarian hospital. As Israelis who had witnessed the suffering of the citizens of Gaza, we felt compelled to develop a model that would improve their overwhelming deficiencies in medical care. We envisioned a medical facility that would be dedicated.. mai mult
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